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"Bankruptcy was a turning point in my financial life. I feel that I have turned a corner and will not make the same financial mistakes again. "
~John - Portage Inlet

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~Mark - Esquimalt

Posts from the 'Separation Divorce' category

Child SUpport and Insolvency

2014-07-28 16:54:38

If you are drowning in debt and struggling to make payments then an insolvency filing may be the answer. Most Bankruptcy Trustees provide free consultations, where they can inform you about your options and help you decide whether a bankruptcy or consumer proposal is right for you. However it is important to realise that not all kinds of debts will be covered by an insolvency filing. Support payments will not be erased by a bankruptcy and must still be paid during and after the term of your insolvency. So how do you factor your support payments into your...[more]

Seniors...Stay put or Sell and Rent?

2015-09-09 19:41:55

Seniors – Stay put or Sell and Rent? Here’s a question that seniors everywhere are asking themselves... Should we sell and rent? Or stay in our home.  Most seniors enjoy their current home and have spent 30 plus years making it perfect for them. So why should they sell?  They have great transportation links, a lively urban scene, large backyards and nearby parks for their dogs to run around in but talk of a possible pullback in housing prices has some seniors thinking.. Is it time to sell? Invest the proceeds and rent their next home? The Real Estate market could be the deciding...[more]

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